Laboratory and Research

The quality examination during every step of planning and of production phases through our laboratory that is provided with all needed instruments for chemical , electric, dimensional, of the componensts’ mechanical and electro – mechanical properties controls.
The controls are made for new materials, for raw materials for products incoming from external manufacturing and for outbound finished products in order that all production chain could follow quality and safety standards. In additon to the check controls, we are at the forefront of the even more complicated components study and of the use of new technologies such as sinterhardening. Our research staff is working on the development of solution on new materials for different applications for metallic sintered.

Materials and suppliers

The incoming and outbound materials from Carbosint have to pass the check made by our internal laboratory, that has been established since 1990 as main tool with which we grant the quality during every production phase. All suppliers ( for external manufacturing, services, direct material or consumption material , finished products and production tools ) respect the quality standards and they own at least mandatory the NI EN ISO 9001 certification. The evaluation takes place yearly so that we can confirm the certified and qualified suppliers and we can remove the suppliers with which we can’t continue our business relationship.

Certifications and awards

Carbosint has obtained in 2008 the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognised rule with wchich it ensures a quality management system of the organization in every field. The certification allows us to increase visibly the customer’s satisfaction , implementing methodologies of orientation towards customer , of the documents and data availability, of the approach to the processes. Add to this certification, there is another important one , the ISO/TS 16949 certification, that specifies the quality requirements for the planning and the devekopment of automotive products , aligning them to the worldwide standards of the field.